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Feliz Navidad. It's almost this time of the year - a new year and new me. Everywhere you will see on social media and in articles and magazines - people are screaming out loud about how and what they have learnt in 2019 and what's in store for them in future. Don't take me wrong, I love to stay motivated, positive and healthy and even there is no harm in gaining a little perspective. But I just wanna take old-me and spend the next 365 days with it.

An annoying, work in progress human who is a bit old fashioned with values and has a problem when people miss out on little details. I am human gaining a bit of confidence every day and learning how to live in a different country with no family and old-friends. So here is a piece of advice for this new year. You are wonderful and more than enough. Do not change for people who are convincing you to do otherwise. I, Srishti Singh wish you a very happy new year and I hope you have a great year ahead.

For the first blog post of this year, I have styled a sheer top with a leather skirt and boots. Minimal and yet chic. For the first time ever I did my curls on my own and I think I did a pretty good job.





Let's take a moment and thank all the designers who made the sheer tops available and for showing us how it's done. In the beginning, I was a bit afraid of this sheer top trend. But now I am all for it. The only fear I had- How do you wear it without exposing too much? I can not do it with wearing nothing inside it, I mean I love my few things to be covered. But after watching numerous celebrities, Instagram influencers styling the sheer tops like a charm, I understood it's not about showing off but rather How do you layer it perfectly.

As for the brands carrying the trend, tell me who isn't stocking at least one sheer detailed blouse? If you check out Zara, It all over the place with green, white and black blouses selling out immediately. Now, It's time for you to know how to style this trend and invest in it to suit your wardrobe.

Just like the versatility detail on the sheer trend, there are tonnes of ways to style them too. You can choose Sheer on Sheer. You can pair it up with sheer skirt or pant. It's just a bold choice but if you how to layer it perfectly, you got this girl. Or you can go for a whole-one-piece sheer ensemble. There are so many dresses with polka dots trend available and the little black dresses. You can choose and wear it the way you want it.

Another way is to style it up with a Skirt, Jeans, Trousers and Dungarees. This is the easiest and you don't have to step out of your comfort zone too much. It's a win-win. You wanna look expensive, style it up with a white pair of pants. White pants make everything look gorgeous. Keep in mind too choose the proper colour of the top. I would suggest a bit darker colour or go for white on white.

If you are on your beach vacation wear the oversized sheer shirt with the bikini. This is my dream outfit that I will pull in this summer. Just wait for it.

Still not comfortable with the trend. Go for the detailing. Go for the sheer sleeves outfits.

If I have to pick my favourite styling, it would be sheer top and denim. You can carry it on a casual day by just toning down the outfit and even make it fancier by adding the right accessories. Check here How to Dress Down any Outfit.

I would suggest that you get to know about your comfort zone and understand how much sheer are you willing to go. Depending on that invest in good underneath layers like - bralettes, camisoles, satin slips etc. Go for neutral colours like black, white and nude. I hope you on board and will immediately go and buy a sheer top. (Ha Ha Ha !! Just Kidding... No, Do It, Now!!) . Let me know how would you style a sheer top or dress.

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