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When I moved here in the Netherlands, I recognised that I have to equip myself for scads of cold winter and for a longer period of time. I grew up in North India where winters are only for 3-4 months with the lowest temperature up to 0 degrees and harsh summers with the highest temperature that goes till 35 degrees. For the past 4 years, I settled in South India where the weather always pleasant. So moving to a colder country was a bit scary to me. My body catches a cold easily and is not habitual of the cold weather at all. One thing I had to master immediately was 'How to dress warm in winters'.

In winters essentially, All I want to do is be in bed with my coffee and Netflix. I just want to be a couch potato but unfortunately, that's not how it works. But my main priority, whenever I dress up, is to be stylish and keep my fashion game strong. But with all these layers on top of a petite person, it's hard to achieve that goal.

First thing first is that I always wear quality base layers. You must have a smart wool thermal inner wears. You can get great quality and a really thin one in the market or online. They fit perfectly and maintain body temperature so well. When I don't wear the thermal inner wear I always go for a sweater. I mostly choose a long sleeve, body-fitted or with a bit higher neck sweater. Always go for basic colours black white, red, beige or blue. This way I get the assortment in my closet. I can pair and style them in diverse ways. I can pair them with jeans, skirts dresses, trousers and so many other options.

If it's really cold I add another layer of coat or jacket. What I always keep in mind while buying jackets or coats is to never compromise on the quality. It can either make your look or break your winter look. You must have seen people walking with really nice quality coats and it does make a difference in the appeal of the whole outfit. So always invest in a good piece of clothing. As they will be there for a long period of time with you.

Most of the time when I am wearing pants I always layer it up with thermal leggings. Just keeps me warm. As they are so thin it doesn't add any awkward bulges or make me look fat. For the dresses, I go for sheer winter stockings and boots. Boots are your best friends and long boots with a dress are the sexiest thing.

Finally, I take care of the food that I eat. I try to eat dry fruits and Chawanprash to maintain body temperature and to have a stable immunity system. I even make fresh vegetable soups every evening. Drink a lot of water, eat fruits and vegetables. I also increase the frequency of coffee. Recently from my India trip, I got these amazing Filter Coffee sachets. It is easy and really quick to make. You can buy them here.



Cargo Pants - Pull & Bear

Black Sweater - Bershka

Scarf- Aldo

Bag - Liars & Lovers

I just love this look. I love the cargo beige pants. I bought them for my birthday and wore it after so long. It's a versatile pant and comfortable. The chain at the side just gives that extra bling I need. I hope you love this look as much as I do. Let me know how do you dress warmly in winter. Is there anything specific that you do, let me know in the comments below.

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