Why Blogging Isn't Dying

When I first started my blog two years back, I never knew I would come this long or I will be this serious about blogging in the coming future. When this industry burst into the limelight, it did inspire a lot of people and in the end, these dedicated and motivated people like IntheFrow, BohoGirl, Akansha Redhu, Valeria Lipovetsky inspired me. Platforms like Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Travel allowed us to have a passion and make our dreams come true.

Blogs started 10 years ago have gone through changes and we have grown with it. Times have changed from blogging is just a side hobby to a full-time career. It's a stand-alone brand ready for advertising and influencing thousands of people. When I started blogging once again this year with genuine interest and passion, I was asked a few inevitable questions.

"Does anyone reads blogs now?", "Is blogging still a good choice?" , "Shouldn't you switch to youtube?", "You should focus on making videos rather than writing blogs?"

My answer will always be NO. I agree that videos are more prevalent now, but that does not mean that the need for a good read has completely disappeared. While jumping into blogging once again, I did analyse these question beforehand before making any final decision. Here are the reasons why I think blogging isn't dead yet. Reasons why I think blogs are important and why I still prioritize my blog content so highly.

Why Do I Prioritise My Blog?

First of all my blog is something that I have created. It's my brand. It's basically all me. And I never want to post anything that doesn't have my approval. That is why I still invest my time, money and hard work into my blog. ConfessionOfMusings is like my own baby and I have full control over it. (ha ha ha ..!! talking like an Asian mother). With time I keep changing my layouts, style of writing, editing and quality of content. Social media platforms may fall one day, but my blog will still be there. Don't judge me, I am really grateful for these platforms as it lets me share my latest post, drive an audience to the blog and advertise my blog. Social media platforms are increasing day by day. Some of them become a major hit like TikTok and some don't. The downfall of Vine has shown us how quickly a social media platform can vanish. I always think about Instagram and Facebook pictures while creating content, but most of the time it all revolves around ConfessionOfMusings post. My blog is my brand and I just love when the end product is so beautiful and independent.

Why Not Videos?

Creating videos is a whole new game. You need to have few skills to face the camera and talk about the relevant topics. I did try making IGTV videos to see my potential. As a matter of fact, I am not camera shy and even good with the lines. But I still chose not to create videos for time being. As yet again videos, need a platform. Maybe in future, I may create short videos to engage my audience and to give a few tips and hacks that I do. But in the end, it will all be connected to ConfessionOfMusings. There always will be a sense of my own creation may it be video or photo. I really feel connected and happy when I see the end product and my loved ones appreciating the efforts. I hope one day I can create content via videos and I hope soon.

What's My Next Step?

It's really exciting to think what next year have in store for the blogs. My main focus is to increase my audience and let the world know that I exist. I want to interact with like-minded people who have similar goals and are struggling to become an established blogger. I want to have collaborations with the brand and create engaging content and just have fun doing it. I started blogging because of my passion for writing and fashion. My main focus is to keep doing what I love and be calm and satisfied at the end of the day. I can not assure what will be the future of blogging. Today with creators with just a social media account are falling into blogger category is becoming a trend, which I hope will fade by time. I feel you need to have a creation or space of your own to fall under the category of Blogger /Influencer. Whatever may be the path, we have to embrace it just like we have done it in the past. I will not put a label on me as a fashion blogger or lifestyle blogger or fashion influencer. I just want to do what I love.

Right now I would like to know the perspective of a reader. What do you think as a reader about blogging and it's future? Are you still interested in creating a space of your own? Do you still think that in five years blogging will be as strong as it now? Let me know below.

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