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I know it's been so so so long that I have posted anything. But things were a little crazy with me. Starting with changing the country, settling down, finding a new job and decorating my new home. So, I did travel a lot in this period of two months and I am still travelling in future. I am just really glad to such nice people around me, I am glad to have you guys who constantly love me and support me. I feel so blessed that I get to see so many places and get so much love.

So that's about me, Let's begin. This blog is about "What's in My Bag". I am sure you must have seen N number of videos on YouTube. But this is my first time.

Well, I have a lot of bags, but for today you will see this cute little backpack from 20 Dresses Myntra. I got this when I was in India. It's quite handy and has a lot of space to carry my essentials. It's a perfect size and I love it.

So here are the items that I carry around in my bag.


This one too is from Dressberry, Myntra. I just love the Popping red colour and the pearls. I never carry cash much, only coins for the washrooms.


Compact Mirror



hair ties

Travel size perfume




Face cream


Black Solid shades- A Must Have


Hand sanitizer


Travel size power bank


Manicure- On the Go Kit


Feminine Hygiene Products

House keys

That's it. These are the items I usually always in my purse. Let me know in the comment below what's the weirdest item in your Bag.

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