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Updated: Jul 1, 2020

We all adore and want long healthy shiny hairs. Healthy hairs can add to the beauty and personality of any man or woman. Hairs are probably the first thing you notice in anyone, especially women. Beautiful shiny hairs always leave an impression.

As someone who is having major hairfall for three-four years now, I know exactly what my hairs need, for any form of strength and texture. I do need to wake up at a reasonable hour to provide the nourishment to my hair before any hair wash. Now that I am working from home, I don't have to put myself under too much pressure of getting up early to take care of my hairs. But my days now tend to blur into the evening faster than my fingers can aimlessly start to scroll social media. My updated haircare routine includes hair mask, hair wash, retaining the moisture and what not. Someone who has typical wavy frizzy hairs would understand. 

To read basic tips head to, Five Tips To Have Healthy Hairs. So, What's different about my hair now. Since I moved to Bangalore, my hairs started to have a lot of problems, hair fall, frizziness, reduced growth and volume. I have not been able to stop my hair fall successfully up till now. In my head, I thought Netherlands water and less polluted environment would be great for my hairs. But it seems not.

So, my hair-care routine is especially important to me for my own mental motivation and to have healthy hairs. I do look back to find what did I do wrong? I got my hairs coloured at the time when my hairs were weak. I did put them through a lot to handle. Colouring, change of weather, change of water and I stopped taking care of them. Now, I am more aware than ever as I have tried a lot of different things to get to the root problems of my hairs. I found two mainly.

Lack Of Protein

Lack of protein in my diet was one the main root problem. Being vegetarian, eating beans, lentils or soya chunks is our only major source of protein. But I don't like eating lentils. I am like a kid when it comes to Dals, which is a daily dose of protein, In every Indian meal. Now, I started consuming protein on a regular basis. I do include either Lentils, Soya, beans, Kefir or yoghurt in my diet on a daily basis. I make sure I eat at least one protein-rich food each day.

Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency. Well, we don't have sun exposure here for most of the year. I am just waiting for summers to soak a bit of sun. I really understand now the importance of the sun. But now with COVID-19, things are a bit difficult. As most of our sunny days are being spent inside the house.

One thing you should always remember, No matter how much products you use, if you are not going to eat healthy and provide the nutrition to your skin and hair from inside. Nothing will work. So make sure to first focus on your diet, what you are eating, your daily habits and hydration.

So let me take you to the external steps I follow to maintain the texture of my hairs.

Before Hair wash

I always apply a hair mask for an hour or two before washing my hairs. Add 1 cup curd, 1 banana (optional), two tablespoon olive oil, vitamin e capsule (if you have one) in a bowl. Make sure you don't have any granules, mix it in a grinder. Apply it and leave it for an hour at least. You can also give yourself a hot oil massage one night before or few hours before. Oil massages are really important for your scalp and hairs.

Shampoo That I Use

I know it would sound funny, but I always go for herbal shampoos. I never go for fancy chemical-filled bottles. Currently, I am using Meghdoot Sathritha shampoo. It's mainly made from natural herbal extracts Retha, Shikakai,  Neem, Amla. Keeps your hairs healthy and smooth. The product is cheaper in price yet so good. It's ideal for people with an oily scalp. But make sure you get the original one, as there are a lot of duplicate ones available in the market. If you can not find the Meghdoot one, you can go for the Khadi Brand as well.

I don't apply any conditioner as I feel that it damages your hair more. Might give a silky smooth feel now, but for the long run, I will not recommend. I think curd mask does the conditioning job for me so I don't feel the need of it too.

After The Wash.

To retain moisture and avoid frizziness, I use Bodyshop Grapeseed serum. You can read about its review here. I avoid using any heat tools for drying my hairs. I also don't use the comb on the day I wash my hairs. I just let them be free. I comb them the next day.

I hope this would help you. But it all depends on your body and what works best for your hairs. If you already are using the perfect hair products that suits you the best then just stick with them.

Pictures: Olivia Giovanni

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