Things To Expect In Paris

Paris, the French capital drawing visitors for centuries around the world. Starting with historic monuments to the exceptional cuisines, Paris has it all. Wandering on the streets of the romantic city, posing in front of the Eiffel, shopping on the fashion street, eating the French desserts, walking in the beautiful gardens and going in and out of cafes -just defines the perfect day. You will be amazed to see the beauty, culture, fashion and history everywhere.

2019, first travel was Paris and I will never forget how amazing it was. I wasn't worried about the rain or cold. All I know is that I loved it. I couldn't take my eyes off the marvellous buildings and monuments. I know you will get a lot of information starting from 'How to go there' to 'places to visit'. But I found some things that you must know before you go to Paris.

Here I present you 'Things To Expect When In Paris'.

Language & Currency

French is the most spoken language in Paris while some people may know English or other European languages. Euro is the currency throughout France and other European countries. Most of the Cafes and restaurants accept cards. But I would advise you to have some cash for the local vendors / small retailers.


Cafes or restaurants or shops near the main attractions like the Eiffel tower are more expensive. Walk a few blocks more to find more authentic and less expensive places.

Safety Measures

Paris is the most touristic place and hence it's quite naughty and mischief too. Starting from you landing there, travelling, till you leave, you need to be really careful about your important things. A lot of pickpockets and other sorts of mischief is quite usual there. So, be VERY careful with your wallet, bags, luxury items etc. You do not wanna end up without a passport(travel documents), cash or luggage. I am not scaring you guys but just giving a heads up.


Be careful with your belongings

Don't talk to strangers. They will try to lure you into the conversation just to get into the pockets.

If you want help, there are Information Desks everywhere and security. Just don't take help if someone randomly offers you from nowhere. It's not a MIRACLE.

Keep your docs and wallet safe and not in one place.


Travelling Around

A fair amount of hotel and hostels according to your budget are available. You can Airbnb too. So no worries. Just make sure about the area that you want to live in. Public transport in Paris is very good and an inexpensive way to travel around. Connectivity between places is great. hop on and off metro and buses are available from place to place. If you wanna go somewhere far, you can always grab a taxi or Uber. However, the best way to explore the city is by walking


You can buy metro/train tickets beforehand. You can buy up to 1-2 booklet of the ticket. One booklet has 10 tickets. This would save you time.

You can take the hop on and off bus tickets.

Make sure the area is safe where you choose to live in.

Food & Cuisines

Food will be least of your worry. As there are tonnes of Cafes, Restaurants and bars. You can enjoy all sort of cuisines. Must try the French desserts Macaroons, Croissants, Crepes, Tulipes, Crème Brûlée, Apple Tarte, Eclair and so many. If your Vegetarian or Vegan, it will be a little hard for you. Vegetarian dishes are very less on the menu or sometimes there are none. But Good news is Indian restaurants are almost everywhere.


Take the hotel which is near cafes, restaurant and supermarket. It will be easier for your meals for the day.

· Carry some snacks on the go.

Find restaurants based on the cuisine you want to have.

Spending Time

Paris needs time. it's a big city with a lot of history, culture and beauty. Don't plan Paris just for the weekend. Make a trip of at least 3 to five days. Don't rush to visit every place, take your time and Get to know about the history of the place. Walk around and spend time and fall in love with the city. Every corner has its own aura of beauty.

I hope I have helped you a bit about what to expect when in Paris. If You have been to Paris, Tell me about your

experience and your favourite place in Paris.

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