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Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Being in home-stay order, we all have been trying out new things to keep ourselves busy. However, we all are missing on the suntans we all wanted to have this summer or the beaches we planned to visit, or for that matter any other travel plans. But instead of questioning the situation, we are in right now, we all have adapted to it. But who says, that we need to be somewhere to enjoy this summer. Home is just perfect.

Stepping out of the box, I've tried to keep things fresh and fun and actually it's one part of this time that we'd both love to continue when things get back to normal. I also go out for walks or cycling in the evenings (not every day) to get some fresh air. Grocery shopping is the primary commitment for stepping out of the house though. But to keep things 'normal' at home, I put an effort to keep myself busy, happy and relaxed.

So here are a few amazing things you can do in this summer at home.

Special Breakfast Scenes

Some images are from Pinterest and one is taken during my stay in Mallorca

You can plan a special breakfast meal and have a nice time with yourself or with the family and enjoy the morning. The fresh air, that coffee smell, the crisp newspaper and first meal of the day. This is the time we can cherish those little things we have neglected before. If you are in Europe, what could be better than a perfect Croissant, some coffee and strawberries or pancakes?

Well, I am not that person who can eat without freshening up in the morning or without making the bed. I have a routine that I follow and I make sure that no one is up during that period of time. Its "ME" time. It's something I need, to keep my calm and start my day. So, I always start my day with my Green Tea, fruits and some reading ( I am kidding half of my time is gone scrolling social media. I need to learn not to touch my phone in mornings. Any tips would be appreciated.)

Plan a Date at Home

I think we all are quite a pro on this. Make a meal, set up a table, light some candles and there you go. Having the best experience.

The picture is taken during my stay in Mauritius


One of the highlights of my summer this year is barbeques. Till now we have accomplished three barbeques and I am so proud of it. You can set it up in your garden or balcony (make sure to have all the fire safety measures. We always have a bucket of water, fire extinguisher and a bag of sand for safety measures). Put on some music, have a drink, eat a lot and dance your way into the evening. Till now we have made Paneer Tikka masala, Aloo Tikka Masala, Vegetarian Seekh Kabab, Barbequed Pineapple, out traditional Litti Choka, Zucchini, Eggplants, Corn and few other veggies.

Pictures were taken during the barbeque

Redoing Your Garden/Balcony

My this year focus is on making my balcony beautiful, comfy and cosy. It's still working in progress. I have planted a few plants, have added a couch, lights, lamps and just waiting for the flowers to bloom. I also got a chance to do a speck of gardening (Taking care of them like a baby). It does take the steam off. While at night sitting and gazing at the sky, shapes your amazing day. I have been doing all my shoots and making TikTok in my balcony.

Trying Out New Cuisine/Recipes

The internet is going crazy over Dalgona Coffee and Banana bread. Makes you feel incomplete in the quarantine (not me). But we are not here to follow the race of baking banana bread. You can choose what you want to cook, or what you want to learn new. In a way, you can spend some time in the kitchen. I have heard a few people say that cooking is quite relaxing for them. If you have kids, you can bake something for them or make icecreams at home. Here are a few new things that I tried: Vinegar-Beetroot Onions (Indian, side pickle), Seekh Kabab, Paella, Chocolate Chip cookies, Tacos, Burritos.

You can check out my food photos here

Also check out my latest video on Instagram, about how to click pictures at home all by yourself

There are limitless options for what you can do in the summers, But here are few safe stay-at-home things. Let me know what are you doing these summers.

Pictures: Olivia Giovanni

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