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Contemplating life and enjoying the Nashta with my Adrak-Elaichi Chai and Mathri along with an endless conversation with friends and family. You wait for 5 days for the weekend and you wake up on Sunday and you know it's a lazy Sunday. For me Sundays are mine and I don't want to go out or run for any errands. It's all about relaxing, soothing and pampering myself. A perfect slow day with brunch, skincare, bath and reviving.

The whole lazy Sunday idea is to rejuvenate me to pump start my Mondays. If you guys don't know I have a full-time job and a blogging job as well. Mostly we shoot in the weekdays and Saturdays. hence there's nothing like the joy of spending a lazy Sunday. Today, I will be sharing how do I spend my lazy Sunday with you. Who knows you might like one of my cheesy activity to add it in your life. Let's me take you to 'How I spend my Sunday'.



I start my day by hydrating myself. later on, I have a green tea with a bowl of fruits. I make sure I drink a lot of water throughout the day. Most importantly it's good to switch off and connect with your soul. The days are so fast-paced and always in touch with electronic gadgets. I try to limit myself and have a bit of digital detox. Though with the jobs I have it's a bit difficult but there is no harm in trying. I spend time with my husband, talk with friends and family- get in touch with humans.

A Good Breakfast

I love food and breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I cook special things, mostly my favourite Indian Nashtas, like Poha, Vermicelli, chillas, Bread Pizzas, pakoras, sandwiches, cutlets, avocado toast with never-ending chai. I read a book and have a slow breakfast just like I used to have it at home. Sometimes when I don't feel like cooking I go out to a nice cafe and have a brunch. Both ways it's a happy tummy day. But most of the days I make sure I don't eat anything unhealthy or too oily in the morning. Accidently if I do, I just compensate it with loads of water and reduced calories throughout the day. You can even add cucumbers, ginger, basil leaves and lemon in the water intake. Just taking hydration to a new level.

A Nice Bath

Every day I don't get time to have a long relaxing bath. I utilise this time to apply a hair mask, facemask, body scrub, essential oils and some candles. Time for pampering. Just enjoy this time. You can check out my Homemade Body Scrub here.

Read Something

I take out a few minutes in the day to read something. I do not suggest people have Kindle or pdf as it has no feel of a real book. Indulging into some good old smell of book on your comfy chair is love. I even take out some time to check my email and write a few blogs.

Go For A Movie Or Netflix

I usually go to a new movie or Chill at home with Netflix. Catch with some new seasons of my favourite series or watch Friends by giving myself a Mani and Pedi.

I feel taking care of yourself is very crucial. This will take away all your tiredness and negative energy and will give positive energy to deal with the what's coming the next week. Giving yourself some time and investing time for your mental and physical health is a challenge. But please do it. There is some kind of thrill in just sitting at home and doing nothing. Some people don't understand it. You are gonna love the way you feel after it. Are you the kind of person who enjoys spending a peaceful time at home on Sundays? Then let me know what do you on your lazy Sunday's.

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