Here I am in my black leather jacket and dress in my boots and looking right into you through my gorgeous popping orange shades, STRONG. There are times in life when you need to be mentally strong to make tough decisions. Tough times are inevitable in life. It could be anything financial crisis, health problems, a bad breakup, bad relationship or the time is just not right. Ughhhh!! that happens to all of us. But the way I see, it's an opportunity to learn how to handle yourself in tough times.

There are times that a steady-going life just falls of the track, or you get a few bumps. And these are the times that your mental health is tested. Personally, I feel staying strong at such time is a lot harder than it looks. But you gotta master the skill of being calm and staying strong when you feel everything around you is falling apart

And if you are not strong enough, life can fill you with self-doubts and anxiety. You will even start having negative thoughts. Staying strong requires you to handle your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. I know I know it's harder than it sounds. Sometimes in these moments you just lose it and it all comes on that one person around you. Then the guilt trip you go on. No worries, I am here to help you. Just like most of you guys, I have been through my up and downs and here is my secret that I learned to keep my composure in times like these. You should always focus on the three principles and what people call is A-B-C plan. So, let's get started.

Accepting Reality

Try to accept what's happening and acknowledge it from a realistic standpoint. Try to understand that there is nothing else about the past that you can do. So, instead of crying out loud every time "I should not face this" or "I don't deserve this", accept what's happening. Because it's happening. Now that you have accepted the truth, it's time to analyse if you can do anything about it. If yes, think thoroughly and decide what is best to do. Do not act upon it in a hurry. if you want to consult someone, do it. But if the situation is not in your control, then focus on controlling yourself. I always lose temper whenever something is not happening right for a long time. I keep myself on track and control myself. I always try to be patient and understand the situation and accept that this is how it is right now.

Being Productive

Accepting reality means that you have your emotion and thoughts under control. You have now achieved the key to being productive. Now ask yourself "what's the one thing you can do right now to help yourself". May it be staying calm and just keep doing what you are doing right now. Or starting with an old hobby, travelling, going to the beach or long walks or start learning something new. Stay productive rather just being in a bed. Time is gonna change soon. Maybe it's not your time right now but you can not just sit there. Keep doing what you wanna do and things will turn around.

Control Your Bad thoughts

Now the last is to control your negative thoughts. Do not think that you are not good enough, maybe I did something wrong or this might not work etc. Whenever you have these upsetting thoughts, just drink water and talk to yourself. Have a mantra to uplift yourself. I always say to myself: "You can do it Srishti You can do it" and take a few deep breaths. Find out what works best for you.

I don't know if you realize that mental health is equally important as your physical health. In times like this and even every day, you need mental strength to deal with stress. Why even wait for the bad times and practice these three steps and build your mental strength now itself. It will be easier for you knowing it already how to respond in difficult situations. So, that's it for today guys. Let me know how do you stay strong?

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