Dramatic Statement Sleeves

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Creating a drama in an ensemble is a bit extra talent to have. I am a me-pleaser person which means I love what makes me pop-out in the crowd. Always looking for a bit extra in every particular clothing I own. People always ask about fashion choices and some judge me about them. But in the end, it's fashion they know me for.

Overall, these years one thing I have learned is that never settle for simple fashion choices. Even if am looking for a day to day top, sweaters or turtle necks, either I go for very different colours and patterns or I choose the one with a bit extra drama. Of course, fashion-basics are essentials, but then never compromising on the quality of the basics is one rule that I never fail to follow. Be it a simple white Tshirt,( which I have by the way in every length and neck types), Make sure that they are always boujee and exceptional.

Many people follow the same pattern as me. But there is just one teeny-tiny detail that makes it a win-win always. It's the power sleeves of the clothes, or movement of the dress, the way it just revolves around you when you pass by. It's Magic.



Power sleeves or dramatic statement sleeves are a combination of romanticism and strength.

Be sure to wear yours. With every season the designers have gone bigger, bolder and better with sleeves. Be it influencer, designers and editors, nobody is looking back.

At the recent shows, Marc Jacobs, Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini and Cecilie Bahnsen all paraded the most dreamy, romantic takes on the renaissance inspired Sleeve (at New York, Milan, Copenhagen Spring/Summer 2020 fashion weeks). Milan catwalks were full of sleeves with a diameter of a diner plate. MaxMara came up with drop-shouldered puff sleeves with multilayered frills. Fendi came with elongated puffs of fabrics covering the arm.

Well, this is not just a runway trend anymore. You can spot the pink bubble gum sleeves in Monki, Zara has it's own puffed sleeves creations selling at about 40 to 60 euro, Bershka selling the netted puffed sleeves in purple. You can even get them online for much lower prices at Shein, eBay, Zalando.


Sleeves had a giant moment in the 1980s. It was a way for women to make their presence felt. As it would take space, create a drama and was a more feminine design. So, take your flirtation game up a notch and go for the power dressing. The bigger sleeves are so much fun and fashionable. Just as how fashion should be. Bigger sleeves with the sheer material look fresh and as if it's a modern fairytale. Then Why not? Create your playful dimension now.

The resounding message for spring/summer 2020 is not the right shoes or the right bag that will give you the strength to conquer the world. It's the right sleeves. Just be sure to wear yours.

Pictures: Olivia Giovanni

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