Self Love & Why It Is Important

All around the world the standards of unrealistic beauty and body shapes exist. Watching all those perfect photos of celebrities and models all the time does create an unnecessary poor body image and low self-esteem. But we should never forget that that's their constant goal to look good and they are getting paid a hell lot of money for that. So, if you don't feel motivated after seeing that picture you better stop looking at that. Why put so much pressure on ourselves? Why are we always behind something unrealistic when we are perfect the way we are?

Well, I have been called and judged for my complexion, features, height and my body all the time. When I was young, judgement and criticism were hard to digest and used to stress me out. But now after all these years, I don't feel the same way I did at that point in time. Not gonna lie but it is hard to grow as a person in a positive way. But it's not impossible. I think I have everything that I ever wanted as a kid and maybe even more.

So, what is the issue??

Well, let me tell you that in the chaos of others you have forgotten yourself. With the social media pressure on you, you have forgotten that who you really are. Trying to be someone else will never help. You can be only You. I know there must have been so many times that you must have felt that 'what am I doing with my life', seeing a person's story or comparing yourself to them. All of sudden you are sad. Believe me, a comparison is of no good to anyone.

I have realized over the course of my journey that time does everything. You just have to keep doing your best work. Meanwhile, leave all the stress and be happy. Love yourself. Self-Love is everything. Try to find unique things about you and be grateful to them. List down all the things that you love the most about yourself and say them again and again in front of the mirror. Self-love will not only make you confident and strong but beautiful in your own way and have a positive attitude towards life.

So, go find your thing! Maybe its singing, writing, reading, dancing or cooking or anything. It's all these little things that matter most. Life is amazing. Be grateful.

For me, Blogging is one of the things that I love. I am glad that I finally got the courage to start it. Writing my ideas, views or opinions and sharing it with you guys is a bliss. I am grateful that everyone has supported me for this. Being here makes me realize how far I have come as a person. Good or bad everything has taught a great lesson to me and have given me experience. I am thankful for everything as in a way today, I am a strong independent girl. Even I have flaws but I never stop working on myself and loving myself.

So, guys stop listening to what others are saying about you. Work on yourself, love yourself, loosen up, travel, see the world, read a book or do anything but do not waste time on some fairy tale to happen. Create your own tale. As they say, there is a beauty in creating a life worth living for.

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