Saree For This Festive Season

I thought with the festive season coming up, let's help you choose your attire and rock all the parties that you are about to attend. So, the most versatile garment all around the world, A Saree, which can be worn in a lot of many ways and flatter any body type. Be it a fashion statement or being traditional, A Saree can do both.

We all know nowadays all the fashion divas have redefined the definition, versatility and authenticity of saree. There are thousands of ways to perk it up always. Starting from the blouse designs, adding an amazing belt, draping styles, pairing up with crop tops to going all boho with bralettes and adding jackets.

So this festive season with Diwali coming let's not just make a fashion statement but also level up our vigour quotient by many degrees.

Let's gather all the points which always makes you look absolutely stunning in a saree.

Flaunt or Hide

In saree, you can control how much you want to show. If you do not want a skin show you can drape it decently with longer blouse choice. But if you want to flaunt the curves then you can drape it in different styles and play with blouse designs and pallu.

Blouse Designs

There are tons of blouse designs nowadays. All the traditional designs are back in fashion boat neck, halter necks etc. You can never get bored of styles. You can match your saree with so many different kinds of blouses to give a different look every time.

Drape Style

There are so many kinds of styles to drape your saree that you will never get bored and it will always make you look fabulous. It makes us look thin too. All you need is proper draping and a style to carry it on. To notch it up, throw in a belt and Voila.

Suits Everyone

It almost suits every body type out there. You will always just feel " I look so gorgeous". Your own personal style becomes an additional advantage. You don't have to worry about your height or body type. Just go for it.

No Age Factor

Not to mention there is no age defined to wear a saree.

The fashion of saree is endless and so is the diversity of saree available. So, let's be a part of an evergreen heritage.

Here are some of the influencer who banged on their look with saree. Let's have a look and get inspired.

I love this one, also because of the beautiful caption.

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