7 Things I Have Learned As A Newly Married Wife

It's been almost four months now that I have been married and we are still very much in the honeymoon period. But let me tell you I did get a lot of advice from family, friends when I was certain to hop on this train. I was overwhelmed for sure. I did expect a lot of responsibilities, change of roles, those unsaid rules and the life-changing moments.

I realized that after some point in time, this all will come naturally to you after you are married. You will not even feel that you were doing things different earlier. I guess, you just forget your things once everyone comes into the picture and it's not only you in the frame.

So here we are, my first foray into wedding content on the blog and hopefully a light carefree insight into everything I've learned the past couple of months and can share with anyone else who just got married or about too.

People Are Expecting

Like I said 'unsaid rules'. People are expecting from you, Big Time. You will have responsibilities starting from the time you wake up till you to go to bed. You have to take care of your husband, family and home. You have to step into the kitchen and know what you are doing. It's a high road from being single to married. Everyone around you is expecting you to perform well and do your wife-duties.

My advice is to keep it simple. Even though there are expectations, you don't burden yourself with that. You do one thing at a time. Do it in your own way, how you like it. Don't overthink about what people will say. Right or wrong, you just take it as an experience and learn from it. Always have a positive attitude.

Have Your Own Way

As soon as you decide to be married, you will get a lot of pieces of advice. They will tell you 'WHAT TO DO' and 'HOW TO DO' and especially 'WHAT NOT TO DO'. Listen to all them carefully, you don't wanna disrespect any opinion. As they have gone through all, so Yes they Know better than you do. But the major point to keep in mind is that they are telling their 'Own Experience'. It's not your story.

It's different for everyone. It differs from person to person. So whatever you decide to do should be 'HOW YOU WANT IT'. You should get all the inputs, but at the end of the day, it should be you and your husband's decision. Try to keep things real and simple. Don't just agree to stuff because others are saying so or others think that that's the only right way.

How Exciting It Is

Your friends are going to ask every chance they get. How is married life going on? OR How exciting it is? There will be all sort of questions and it's all up to you to answer them. My advice is answering in one or two words.

Accept the Differences

No two people are the same. Even if you are alike in so many ways there still are chances of differences. It could be anything like food style, cleanliness quotient of the ways you do things. You might not feel up to it because you have been doing things like that from almost forever. But you have to start giving chance the other way around. You have to accept it and respect it.

Be Selfish

I think a lot of you must have heard these statements, 'Now that you are married, it doesn't matter'. I have even seen so many girls just giving up on them just because now they are married. I call it 'The Loose Mentality'. You don't care about your skin, personality, Health, career. You need to understand that marriage is not the reason for you stop taking care of yourself. Being well-groomed and being healthy should be always a priority. If you are not well you can not take care of others. Even in the busy schedule, take out time for yourself. Make sure you are okay and don't stress yourself out with all the work. Pamper yourself and love yourself.

The Sweet Balance

Once you understand the balance of you both together, everything will just fall into the place. You should know each other well. More importantly, you should understand each other well. With the perfect blend of all the points mentioned above, you will definitely find your sweet balance.

You will Need Hand Cream

The amount of work you will be doing will definitely ruin your hands. You will need an excellent hand cream to take care of your hands.

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