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Well, it's been now 5 months here living in the Netherlands and I am pretty excited to share my experience with you. Being an Indian in the Netherlands, I have a lot to say. The Netherlands a country in northwestern Europe, is known for a flat landscape of canals, tulip fields, windmills and cycling routes. A country where innovation and tradition interweave with centuries-old windmills, tulip fields, romantic candlelight cafes, brick roads, modern architecture and exceptional nightlife.

I was really excited about moving to the Netherlands. When you have lived in Bangalore's pleasant weather for 4 years, what do you expect? I was a little worried about the extreme cold weather and harsh wind. Although, it did not affect my beautiful experience here until now. So, I live in a small beautiful city, Delft. Just to avoid the mayhem and have a peaceful home little far from happening cities. But, I frequently visit other cities of the Netherlands as well(you must have seen that on my Instagram).

The Netherlands is really different from India. Be its population, culture, streets, infrastructure, traffic, food, weather or lifestyle; it's contrasting. So, let's take a look at the interesting details about the Netherlands.


The most striking feature of the Netherlands is their biking trend. They are pretty serious about it. Everyone rides a bike. Which is great, as it not only reduces the carbon footprint, it minimizes pollution and traffic as well. Even I have fallen in love with biking. It's so refreshing and gets me a little bit of exercise.

Lifestyle focuses more on spending quality time with family and friends. Maximum people come back from offices before 6 PM. The shops here close between 5 PM to 6 PM. This is a great way to balance work and life.

Mostly everyone here focuses on having a healthy lifestyle. People go to the gym, running and other activities like cycling, hiking, water activities etc to keep up. I have even seen people above 50 running in my gym which is just awesome. So next time if you are too lazy to put on your sports shoes, come here and read this.


Living in Europe is expensive. The Netherlands is no exception. But if you are earning in Euros, it really doesn't matter. There are tons of opportunities here but there always is a preference for the Dutch people due to language constraints. It is hard but I think not impossible.

Quality of living is high and satisfying. The Netherlands is one country in Europe where mostly everyone speaks English. So, you will not have difficulties in interacting with anyone.

Being a foreigner, there is always a disadvantage of finding people. As it's not like India where neighbours, relatives and friends are always there. In India, the existence of different religions and culture is one of the most beautiful things, we have not only adopted it we have adapted it. So, it will be hard living here alone.

The presence of the most renowned Technical University(TU Delft) attracts many nationalities here. So, hopefully, you will not be alone.


It's so clean and organised. The pollution level of the Netherlands is very low. Air quality and water quality is high, you can feel the fresh air going inside your lungs. Here are a little more details for you.


If you are from India, you know you love food. Because we make the best food in this world. People here not only eat less, but the food also has no spices. Which becomes quite plain to eat (in my opinion or that's what I felt). Basically no fun. Though there are some food items which are very popular here like dutch waffles, pancakes, bread, pasta, four-cheese pizza etc.


Unlike India, marriage is not something that you MUST do or you will be doomed with the peer pressure of society not accepting you (Haww!! Log Kya Kahenge). The concept here is to have a partner or girlfriend or wife. It's your choice completely about how you want to have your relationship.


The Netherlands is one of the safest places to live in. There is no nasty, pickpockets or any other sort of mischief happening here. People are so kind and lovely, that if you lose something there is a high chance that you would get it back.

Fun Facts: To keep the prison of the Netherlands running, Prisoners are brought from other countries. Nowadays Dutch prisons are so empty that they are being turned into homes for refugees.


There are so many touristic destinations within Netherland. Keukenhof, Giethoorn, Zaanse Schans, Maastricht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Hague (Den Haag), Efteling, Gouda Cheese market, Van Gogh Museum etc. There is so much to explore. So, you will never get bored. If you do, you can always explore Europe and rest of the world(lolwa...).

Overall it's a really beautiful country. It's peaceful and safe. The best thing is that you get to experience everything. Be it calm nice evening, happening night or cosy moments, you got it all here.

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