June - Style & Beauty Edition

I really got inspired to link all my content in one place and also start every month edition series. A consolidated form of all the fashion, styling and beauty hacks or tips that I have shared with you guys on Instagram. This way I talk about the specific topic a bit more and provide all the links that you guys requested for. I feel this would be not only informative but helpful to everyone. As there might be some audience who is not active on Instagram or other social media platforms.

The idea is to have a newsletter of a blog at the end of every month.

This year I feel we all will improve on our skills to be dressed at home. As I see us going nowhere except for a walk, grocery shopping and visiting nearby relatives and family. All the new purchases are either being utilised making fashion content, Tik Toks or going out on a socially distanced new world. June month was quite fashionably strong. I did invest in shopping a few basic pieces to upgrade my wardrobe. This way I don't run out of clothes when I need them (Ha Ha Ha!! Said every other girl on this planet).

Here are my favourites fashion pieces that I got this month and styled them.




Crop tops are one of my favourite things. For a petite body type, I think this is the best combination to make us look taller and skinny

Pink top - Zara (here)

Pants - H&M

White Top - Missa More


Mom Jeans are a blessing if you like loose fit pants and feel more comfortable n them than skinny/tight fits

Mom Jeans - Shein (here)

Belt - H&M

Red Top - Stradivarius

Pink Crop Shirt - Zara

Black Crop Top - Zara (here)

Satin Shirt - Shein (here)

Blue Spaghetti Top - Missa More

Five Must-Haves Zara Items

This is a new addition in the fashion category. Will be creating one video every month focused only on Zara items or essentials and their new collection to buy that month.

Watch the video to know the basic Zara must-haves. These elements will elevate any look and will help you move closer to a capsule wardrobe.

How To Look Expensive On A Budget

This will be another series which I will post every month (hopefully !!) with styling and beauty hacks to looks expensive on a budget.

I feel this is such a great topic or niche to pick up and talk about it. As we really don't wanna end up spending so much on any item.

I personally would not like spending thousands of euros on a bag or shades or any piece of clothing when I know there are so much more important things going on in my life and as a matter of fact, I need to save for my future than spend everything.

I don't want to waste any of my hard-earned money and I am proud of it.


Five Facial Tools You Must Have

Here are the five facial tools that you can have for much smoother and toned skin. they are easily available in any supermarket are quite affordable.

Facial Tools

BodyShop Facial Roller

Facial Razor

Jade Roller

Gua Sha

Facial Mini Wax Strips

Diy Homemade Facemask For Acne Scars/ Dark spots & Blemishes

Indian recipe/mask with turmeric to take care of your skin. We include turmeric in most of our homemade facemask. It's antibacterial and very effective with any skin problems.

Head to the video to know the complete DIY / Homemade Mask

That's it for June month guys. I hope all the styling and beauty hacks/tips were helpful. Let me know in the comments below which one is your favourite.

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Pictures: Olivia Giovanni

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