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Well, we have all seen those absolutely gorgeous selfies on Instagram (You know what I'm talking about). Staring from 'Queens of selfies' Kardashians to Celebrities and Fashion Bloggers everyone has got this art wrapped around their fingers. We all just feel so motivated after seeing those amazing pictures but at the same time envy, those looks too. But guys it's not about what you don’t have it's all about what you have. Because self-love is one of the encouraging factors for honing any skill. So, get ready with your phones because it's all about some few simple tricks to breakthrough your game.

In November 2013 the word 'selfie' was announced as the 'word of the year' by the English Oxford Dictionary. Since then the fame of selfie has only heightened. Selfies are the biggest social media episode. Selfies have become part of our everyday routine. Whenever people get ready or feel good they just instantly take some 50 snaps. And there are endless ways to take selfies that you can share in Instagram Pout Selfies, Good hair day, Bad hair day, Mirror selfie, Sunday selfie and so many more.

But we always ask this "How the hell people take such perfect selfies ?"

Well the answer is here

Taking selfies in no less than an art. It's all about angles and perfect lighting. You must have seen people tilting their head or the camera to get the right angle. This technique is so amazing and it will help you find your best angle also. But if you are a rookie and you think you haven't sharpened your skills yet then here are few tips to raise your selfie game.

Know Your Angles

Always know your angles. You can tilt your head or go sideways and find it out. Finding an angle can really transform your selfie. So, go find the angle which makes you look like the queen of selfies.

Good Lighting

Lighting can make all the difference in the photo. Always look for a place or room with a lot of light. Natural light is the best though. Reach for a window or place within the reach of sunlight. For outdoor shoots and photographs, professional photographers swear by the "golden hour" as the time of day with the best lighting. That is roughly the first hour of light after sunrise and the last hour of light before sunset. So, if guys want to click amazing selfies you can really use the time.

Hold The Camera High

Holding your camera high is one more amazing trick to make you look slimmer and sexier.

Squinch Your Eyes

Squinch or no squinch it's all up to you. But squinching the eyes adds up a little extra in the picture and might add up the confidence you just need. You should not do too much but a little bit of squinch will give you that messy yet absolute look. But the choice of squinch is all yours.

Make The Shadows Fall Perfectly

If there is a shadow where you are taking the snap to believe me you are blessed. Try to make it fall perfectly on your face. It should be too much on you but just at the right place and the right amount will do wonder.

Editing & Filtering

Download some good apps to edit your photos. Basically, Instagram filters have a range and you can select any one of them. Even nowadays you have the option to have a phone with particular features of camera resolution. So, there are tons of options available in the market if you want to invest in a gadget.

Consider Your Background

Make sure the background is good and clean. With a good background, your selfie will hit hard on your audience. If you travel to places or go anywhere and find a good spot then that's your selfie call.

Pose Like A Champ

Well, as do shoots so I can say this that voguing all over in the photoshoot like a model after every click is pretty hard. But you gotta do it as you enjoy it. Make eye contact, flirt with the camera and connect with it.

Go score tons of likes and followers with these tips. Get a zeal of Kardashian into yourself. But never forget to smile.

"There is no real beauty without some slight imperfection" - James Salter.

So, embrace yourself and feel good about yourself always. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Self-love is the biggest factor which overcomes everything. Never forget that beauty is what you are. You have to be your own anchor. So, I hope with these tips you will get inspired and will inspire others.

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