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Recently I have been obsessed with the hair accessories and I am pretty sure I am not the only one. Social media has exploded with the pretty pictures of hairstyles, pearly hairpins, 80-style bands, 80s fashion, velvet scrunchies, bows, rose gold clips and whatnot. Looking at these pictures I fell in love with the hair accessories and decided to give it go. I felt that wearing just hair accessories does make me feel and look prettier also makes me look more put together. In my recent trip to Rome, I wore different kind of hair accessories, and boy that made me look good.

This trend is so practical, I do get bored wearing dark colours in this cold and I would take any reason to style my hair in this wind and add some colour to my outfit. But adding a hair accessory just puts any outfit together- from a simple casual look to a barbie charm. I got inspired by many style blogger, beauty blogger, influencers and many street style pictures.

Whenever I look at pretty pictures of hair accessories, I always wondered where on earth did they find all those hair accessories gems and how can I wear them and not look like a little girl who is obsessed with cute and sparkly things. I know a lot of us to fear to style them and these thoughts did come in my mind too. So, in today's post, I will be sharing my hair accessories collection, as well as how can you style them. I will also provide the links, from where I got them.



I remember old Bollywood movies and a few of my kindergarten teachers wearing the scrunchies. This is an upgrade to your ponytail from the '80s and '90s. You can pull up your hair in a high ponytail, or make a bun and tie it with a scrunchie. I choose a really bright colour scrunchie to pump up the outfit. I even wear a bow style scrunchie for the little girl inside me. I mostly buy them from H&M or Primark. It's good to have a few solid bright and nude colour and a few pattern ones. Having all the basic colour will save you from any bad hair day. You must have a velvet scrunchie too. It's like how Kramer says in Seinfeld, replace the pin with a velvet scrunchie. You can even go for scrunchie with a scarf to add more detail to the outfit. Wear everything black and tie your hair in a high ponytail with scarf-scrunchie.


The most versatile hair accessories is a scarf. You can use it as a knotted headband, do a plat with it or you can tie it in your ponytail. I like to use it as a headband and making a bow with it. I am in love with yellow colour this time of year, so please bear me if everything you see has yellow in it. The headband is something I wear mostly when I travel, just keep my hairs in place and highlight my facial features.


This season's winner is the pearly hair clips and pins. I am in love with them. They remind me of something vintage Coco Chanel would wear along with red lipstick. The style is classic and just one pearly hairpin enhances the whole look. I bought my hair clips from Shein and they are so pocket-friendly. The quality is amazing too. Pinning your hair casually back with a pearly hairpin, side parting the hairs with the pin or hairpins on both the side with the low bun. All the styles are gorgeous.

These small little details make a huge difference in the whole look. Do try to invest in them, as they will be with you for a longer time. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. This one of my favourites, as I did research about the cutest hair accessories for you guys. I did shoot this one in the 6 degrees, so show some love. I hope I gave you a good reason to buy these cute little pieces.

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