7 Things To Know Before Visiting Colosseum

As all of you know I have been to Rome recently. And yes, I have seen the great Colosseum, one of the seven wonders of the world. I finally got to see where Julius Ceaser actually happened. Now I have seen two wonders of the world Taj Mahal and Colosseum. yay!! only 5 more to go. One thing about Rome is indeed true, It's not built in a day. With so much history and beauty in every corner, I fell in love with Rome. I hope I will be visiting soon enough again.

The Colosseum, originally known as Flavian Amphitheatre, is a large amphitheatre in the city of Rome. The construction of Colosseum started around 70AD and was finished in 80AD. It was used for gladiatorial contest and other shows like animal hunt, in which animals would hunt and eat prisoners or in which gladiators would fight against animals. There were also executions of prisoners, plays and battle scenes. It was also filled with water sometimes to fight sea battles(This feature was added later). The people of Rome could go into colosseum without any cost. It is now ruined because of earthquakes.

As mighty as it sounds, you will be mesmerized and shocked wondering how did they make it. It's huge and some part of it still getting discovered. Today I will give you a few tips to help you join the 6 million visitors every year.

Let's begin.


You don't wanna be trapped in heat and crowd. As good as roman summers sound special to people coming from cold land. Peak summers is not a good time to visit Rome. The best time to visit Rome is between September to November, or you can extend till November to march as well.


Colosseum can be reached easily by public transport. But as we stayed in Rome central, we walked. I feel walking is the best way to explore Europe. Standards ticket price is 12euro but you can visit for free as well. there are few dedicated days when the colosseum entry is free. The first free day at colosseum is on 9 May. This is followed by another seven free openings in 2019: 5 June, 29 June, 23 September, 4 October, 4 November and 18 December. Luckily we went on Augustus birthday, 23 September and our tickets were free. You can always get your ticket online to avoid the line. Guided tours and audio tours are also available too at the site.


The best time of day to visit colosseum is in the morning or just 2-3 hours before closing. the opening time is 8:30 AM or 1-2 hours before. The standard ticket will also give you the access to Palantine Hill and Imperial forum. I highly recommend purchasing tickets online in advance as it would save time. Make sure you have enough time to visit all three.


Go for guided tours. Join the group tours organised by colosseum management or through independent operators. If you like to explore by yourself, go the audio-video tours. Don't forget to get your headphones. The guided tour will also provide a better sense of the site and its many uses since it was inaugurated in 70 AD.


Comfortable shoes are must, not only for Rome but even if you are planning to come to Europe. It's all stone construction and uneven stones path sometimes slippery and you might have to climb and walk through big stairs. The sun would be little too much in the midday so prefer a hat.


One of the best things about Rome is that drinking water is available everywhere in the form of small and big fountains. Ease don't buy plastic bottles and fill water from fountains.


Coming from India, you develop a taste and it's really hard to eat cheese, pizza, pasta every day. But Rome has magical food. The pasta and pizza are amazing and you can have them every day. After a long walk, you can just enjoy some savoury.

After visiting Rome I am in love. There are so much history and beauty. I was always fond of Roman history. seeing it and listening about the history of Rome in my tours just made my heart filled. Every site is so amazing that I kept chanting how did they make it. It's amazing and must on your bucket list.

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