Chase Your Dreams

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Well, have you ever felt that you are working so hard to acquire and protect all your assets and your comfortable lifestyle?

But does it satisfy you?

Are you happy?

Do you think your current lifestyle is unfulfilling?

So, what's the point of a life dedicated to acquiring stuff?? There can be a situation where all your money and assets can be taken away from you by forces out of your control. So what is there too loose? Ask Yourself, What are you truly risking to go after your dreams?? If you are not satisfied with the lifestyle you have right now then it doesn't matter you start with Rs 0, Lakh or crores. Money and assets are just the resources here, you can never take it with you.

What's stopping you to live your life to the fullest like every day means something than sitting in a chair, colouring those excels, attending meetings, shuffling between papers. If you are behind a desk working at a job you hate to protect your lifestyle, then you are protecting nothing. Deep inside you, there is a part which always says to just walk away from all the junk and starts really living for something. Can't you feel how hollow and empty your days are now... like there is no meaning to life. Is that what you want your life to be??

If not then this is it, find the purpose to your existence as a human being. Life is too precious to waste. Live for truly what matters to you.

What matters to me is inspiring and helping people. Whenever I am able to help someone or to motivate someone, I find it fulfilling. I find healing of the mind and body fulfilling. It doesn't matter if people don't like my ways or make fun at what I enjoy doing. It doesn't matter how much money I make. This blog might have an entry of 10,000 people but who knows these ideas are only able to help one person. Other 9999 may conclude that I am insane. But it's that one person I am writing for.

And making money with what you love to do is more fulfilling if you are able to do what you feel right deep inside. And what's the harm, why not make money in the pursuit of your dreams?

Everyone has its own to-do list. What is it filled with? Are you sure those tasks will fulfil you deeply? Then make a new list with a real task you want to achieve. Listen to music. Learn music. Write something inspiring and share it. Exercise. Do Yoga. Travel. Travel beaches and meditate there. Start your business. Play. Dance. Read a book. The smell of a new book. Tell your boss, "Talk to the hand". Do something that at the end of the days you feel it, you feel you have learned something, you have experienced something beautiful, feel your life, love yourself.

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