Breaking Coords

Sometimes you buy a whole outfit and then being able to wear it once aches your heart. It is then when you decide not to buy a set, coordinates or co-ords. But it's something about the whole set which makes your outfit look more classy and in sync. If you talk about me I love buying them. But the fear of styling them separately is always eerie. Does it mean I should not invest in Co-ords? No way, I encourage everyone to invest in co-ords. As today I will be sharing a few of my own styled outfits with you.

I recently bought a plaid set after my friend encouraged me to do so. I am loving it. I'm having so much fun with fashion right now and stepping outside of my comfort zone, that I wanted to share the trends that I think add a little something extra, a bit more pizazz and make your outfit stand out from the rest of the fashion mob. All the street fashion, fashion blogs, fashion shows are filled with Co-ords

The Casual Style

I was looking for inspiration to style the whole outfit and went on Pinterest. There I got the idea of styling the whole co-ords casually with a white t-shirt and sneakers. I believe a white t-shirt and sneakers are got to go. A must-have for everyone. Shooting this look was a bit of adventure too.

White on White

A chic and sexy look. This is another inspired look which is amazingly 'boujee'. I wanted to style a white on white from a very long time and here we are.


Skirt- Monki

Polka Dot Shirt- Monki

Boyfriend Blazer- Monki

Polka Dot Innocence

Lastly a funky cool look for your travel, movie and casual outfit days. That shades are stealers. I feel like 'I'm too hot (hot damn) Girls hit your hallelujah (whoo) Girls hit your hallelujah (whoo) Uptown funk you Uptown funk you up' Ha ha ha !!!

Well wearing my co-ords in so many ways really made me happy. Also, it's a much more sustainable way of clothing.

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