Five Best Body Shop Products

We all know it's no regular shop it's the one-stop we all can't just resist. It's the first international brand of cosmetics to prohibit the use of ingredients tested on animals. It's an ethically based business that has led change towards more viable and honest practices around the world. The Body Shop run campaigns against human right abuses, protecting animals and the environment and doing so they have inspired so many people around the world. Apart from their commitment towards cruelty-free products they have such a wide range of collection for every specific skin types oily dry sensitive and combination. There is always something for someone.

Whenever I am near the Body shop outlets I just can't endure myself from going in. Well, it's one brand which has made its perpetual spot in my daily lifestyle. Over the years it has only helped me maintain the quality of my skin, create a balance in my skin and slowed down the harmful effects of time and environment. And I never want to squander my hands over BODY SHOP.

Hence today we will review our five best picks.

The Body Shop Oils Of Life Sleeping Cream

The struggle of finding a cream which is not so heavy on the skin and does wonder is quite a tough task given that there are so many options available in the market. Well, I have tried a lot of creams and finally, I came to this The Body Shop Oils Of Life Sleeping Cream. Using it for a year I think it's just a perfect time to review my one of fav product. With very luxurious look it comes in a gorgeous golden glass jar. This cream just glides through your skin and makes you feel very soft. A night time cream, to moisturize, revitalise and nourish the skin whilst you sleep.

Your skin looks and feels revitalised, more supple, nourished, visibly rested, reduced appearance of ageing.

The most amazing feature is that it just gets absorbed so quickly and you don't feel heavy on the skin, like something is on your skin, before going to bed. It has a spicy smell along with the mixture of 3 precious revitalizing seed oils selected from 3 continents: Black cumin oil from Egypt, known for its concentration in antioxidants, Rosehip oil from Chile, rich in repairing Omega 3 and 6, and Camellia oil from China, naturally rich in nutritive oleic acid. It is good for all skin type, that helps to heal the dry skin too and instantly cure dry patches within a night. It helps to improve the skin texture and makes your skin glowing. In the morning the skin looks more fresh and supple like a baby. If you use it for a week even you will definitely see the difference in your skin. This a must-have product in your skincare routine.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow-Boosting Moisturizer

A moisturizer which is light and serves the morning purpose is very essential. This fresh, lightweight gel formula will give your skin a daily boost of radiance and hydration. With vitamin C, it awakens and clarifies your complexion, revealing a natural healthy-looking glow. For dull, tired, grumpy skin. Vitamin C rich Camu Camu from the Amazonian rainforest, Peru Community Trade aloe vera energizes, hydrates and enhances natural radiance. It's lightweight and gets absorbed into the skin quickly. You can use it as a day or night cream that totally depends on you. But as far as you have Oils of life stacked up in night routine, I would suggest you opt this as a morning moisturizer.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Cleaning Facial Wash

Tea tree oil in a face wash has always been my priority for all good reasons. This Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash infused with tea tree oil, cleanses blemish-prone skin with each use. It has a cooling lather, removes impurities and excess oil, leaving skin feeling refreshed and purified. While using face wash everyone fears that it will leave your skin dry. But it will never dry out or make your skin feel stretchy as it has glycerin as one of the major ingredients. You just have to give it time to work and use it daily for the gorgeous results.

The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum

Well if everything was rich in oil I would just buy all. Being a huge fan of oils, I always prefer products that have some essential oil as an ingredient. This serum contains Grape seed oil – Is very rich in essential fatty acids. Helps to protect the hair shaft from moisture loss by coating it, which also helps to smooth the hair. It is a glossing serum that adds great gloss and shine to the hair. It also helps to moisturize the hair and is easily washed out. It is a lightweight serum. Hairs do not tend to get sticky or heavy after its application. I would recommend it highly for dry or frizzy hairs.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15

I have like so many different kinds of lip balms and lip butter. But this cute little one is my favourite. We all face extreme weather condition and temperature differences all the time. Our lips do get chapped and dry all the time. I really don't like balms with too many fruity fragrances or which stick on lips. This moisturizing lip balm soothes and protects lips from the drying effects of the sun, wind and cold weather. It has Vitamin E and Moisturizing Wheatgerm oil. It doesn't have any particular strong smell which is perfect and is not too waxy. It has a buttery texture and stays on your lips for hours. It's very hydrating without being greasy. It also contains SPF15 which is just a bonus. Because in India we rarely focus on the balms which have SPF. Even though it is really important to protect your lips from the harsh sun.

I hope you guys will give it a try. If not these products then for sure BODY SHOP has something else for you.

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