Another Birthday To Be Grateful For

Updated: May 22, 2020

It was my birthday on 15 May. As exciting as it sounds, I am always scared to be old. You can imagine me like Joey from Friends crying out loud "We had a deal !! Let others grow but not me ". But I always try to grow as a person more than growing by number. An age really truly is just a number. I think society or people around set expectations for us to feel like we need to have something by a certain age or we should be something at this or that age – which I think isn’t really fair. You can not set a number at what age you should have a job, or be successful or be married or have kids. Shouldn't it be your journey of life where you keep progressing and grow more, learn more, gain from every experience good or bad, always have your positive and blessed people around you. I say YES. So if you are scrolling through social media and see everyone getting married, pregnant, getting a job, don't feel sad. Everything happens in its own time. So, enjoy the moment.


Top - Zara (here)

Jeans - Zara (here)

I would say where I am in my life, I am really grateful for what I have and thankful to have all that. I have a blog where I share my fashion styling and things about my life with my viewers, readers, subscribers, followers and friends. I have achieved the goal of creating content every day (which was on a weekly basis for me), it's quite an achievement with everything that I have on my plate. But I just love you guys for supporting me, watching me and loving me every day. I will not be consistent with my content if it wasn't for you guys. You guys motivate me, inspire me every day. So a BIG THANK YOU!!

I am wearing a Zara top from their new collection. As soon as I saw it I fell in love with it and decided to get it for my birthday. The look is just dreamy. It feels like rose petals on my arms. Colour is so unique. I love it.


Professionally speaking since my last birthday, I got the job here in Europe in July, started blogging again with the same motivation in October and got my A2 level in Dutch. I met Olivia (who clicks my beautiful pictures) and we together started creating content. Re-designed the blog, changed my Instagram. Now with self-quarantine, I am dancing my ways off on Tik Tok. A lot has changed and more yet to come. I still wonder that it's been only 8 months since I started blogging again. We have come so far now. I am really proud of it. Also, grasped a lot being a Java Developer. There always something new to learn every day.

Personally, I and Ashish travelled a lot. We did cross a few places off our bucket list. We went to Paris, Mallorca, Barcelona, Germany and Rome (In love with Roma). Hoping for the situations to turn better right now, so that we can resume our travel plans. We are also spending extra time together (Thanks to quarantine) decorating the balcony, doing barbeques and trying out new recipes.

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I am looking forward to not remain stable and keep reacting. Keep learning new things and be a better person at the end of the day. I am looking forward to having an established blog. I want to read more books this year. But I am busy doing other stuff all the time and then end in front of the TV. But most importantly stay happy, healthy and safe.

Here is my birthday Tik Tok. To see more head to @srishtisingh_

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