Art Of Dressing Down

How many of you when you go for shopping categorize clothes saying, "I can wear this in the office, This I can wear for a date, and Ohh!! I can wear this on a casual day, let's buy everything". I can totally relate to this. Doing so, you end up with a lot of clothes which are bound to be worn at a specific time. Though recently in the past year I have become more sustainable. I never buy clothes which I can style them in three different ways. That's my bare minimum requirement before shopping. So today I will discuss how to dress down any outfit. How to make a fancy piece of clothing versatile for every occasion.

The ability to dress down an outfit is an essential part of a flexible wardrobe. This makes your formal outfits being available on duty for your casual days too. It takes a lot of courage though to take out a night attire and rock it in a day. But, once you understand the art of dressing down any outfit, you can create a capsule wardrobe and wear a different piece of clothing again and again.


One of the best ways to dress down is by adding layers. You have a satin dress, slip dress or any fancy dress, add a t-shirt or turtle neck inside, for winters add a sweater on top. You can even tie layers around your waist. for short dresses add a skirt or shorts and wear it as a top. Layering is absolutely easy. The must-have item should be a white t-shirt, or basic colour turtle necks and a few casual skirts.


Denim is the best. Just accept the fact. Having a good denim jacket is a lifesaver. You can wear it over anything. On long dresses add a cropped denim, for short dresses any denim jacket would do. You can even style it with a boyfriend fit denim.


Adding sneakers to any outfit just pumps up the look. Always buy good ones as you will be wearing them a lot. I feel one good white and black sneakers and one chunky one with colours would do good for every outfit. A capsule wardrobe in progress (Ha Ha Ha!!)

Casual handbag

Unstructured casual bags, miniature bags, structured casual print bags should be your go-to if you want to tone down any outfit.


Change your hairstyle. Make a messy bun, a pony of just let them be free. They should not be too sleek or tamed to give that professional or night look.


Do I need to say more?

Scrunch Your Sleeves

Scrunching long sleeves adds instant casual integrity to any outfit.

No doubt, giving a casual feel to items that are categorized as party-wear pieces is a great way to create amazing new and dazzling looks. A dress that may once have been considered formal can suddenly be transformed into something flexible and eye-catching. These looks can work fabulously in an office environment, combining something a little more glam with a touch of comfort. I hope you can now dress down any outfit. Let me know if you do anything else to dress down. Stay playful.

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