How To Pursue Your Ambition

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Do you often feel that you are not being productive enough? Or there are still a few goals that you have not achieved? Sometimes do you feel that you have a spark inside you but not enough force to take actions. Every end of the day when I have no energy left in me, I start questioning everything I have or every ambition I desire to fulfil. In times like that, I remind myself always to take rest and start the new day with new goals and positive energy.

Having ambition and goals in your life is a substantial part of who you are. It's something that you create for yourself. Whether it's climbing a mountain, travelling the world, starting a business or learning a new course, everything is achievable in this world. The thing to remember is to never take it lightly. Having the right mindset can change everything.

People who are successful are often considered ambitious. They work hard and drive their energy to get the best out of their life. But that doesn't imply that you can not do it. Every one of us has it in us. We just need to be determined and focused enough to achieve what we desire. So, today we will cover a few steps that I follow, whenever I try to achieve something in life.

Here is how to pursue your ambitions/goals


Choose goals or ambitions that are personal to you. Goals which will inspire you to reach new heights. Don't listen to someone else or follow any trend or crowd. Choose something real or something you are passionate about. This will create a sense of purpose. Give yourself an opportunity to explore and experiment. Take your time and then decide.


Once you have chosen your goal/ambition. It's no time to sit back and relax. You should leave the approach of one day I will do it and opt for 'I will it do it'. Reduce your usage of phone and stop scrolling through social media, wishing if you had that. First of all, stop following people who are not motivating you and making you feel bad or low about yourself. People who give you a pit in your stomach craving for the lifestyle they project on social media, job or anything. Get out there and be proactive. Take actions towards achieving your goals.

Leave all the negativity and start thinking positive. Be a glass half full kinda person. Don't tell yourself 'That you can't do it'. I say fake it till you make it. Have an 'I can Do It' attitude. Whenever you are feeling down or low, Just say to yourself that this is temporary this shall pass too. Whenever I feel low, I go out for a walk and eat something. Food just does magic to me.


Now that you are determined to take action. Break it down. You don't have to do everything in one day. Don't overwhelm yourself with some unrealistic task. Break down your goal/ambition in respect of time and action. Be realistic and focus on the things which are attainable at the beginning. Once you have started, you can gradually grow towards bigger task or goals that you have to finish. Take one step at a time and be consistent with your inputs.


Now that you have started working on it, track your work progress. See how far you have come already. What you have achieved. if you are successful, don't lay back or fall back into your bad habits. Remind yourself of how well you are doing till now. Address your strong points and weak points and how to overcome them.


One of the best ways to stay motivated is by visualizing the end result. How it will be. Make a clear image in your head. Treat yourself when you achieve your goal/ambition. This will keep you motivated and help you to be consistent.

All that I said above is not easy. I agree, But trying and doing something rather than nothing is far better. That's how I like to see things. Keeps me positive and motivated. I always choose something new to learn and make myself more acknowledged. I remind myself every day how grateful I am to have what I have.

Guys, that's all for today. I hope you will follow your dreams, goals or ambitions.

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