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Ahh!! We all love the festivals and the festival of colours, Holi is around the corner. Holi being the most colourful and vibrant festival of India brings out everyone out of their homes. The smell and taste of Gujiyas, the singing, and dancing on an old song, the playfulness, drenching in colours and eating the tastiest food are so much lively. Apparently, that's not the case when it comes to Skin and Hair.

But don't worry we have got it all wrapped up for you guys.

Stay Safe

Always celebrate it with your family, neighbours and close friends. Even if you are going somewhere far or have planned to roam around or attend any event, keep in mind to play wisely. Do not play Holi with unknown and uninterested people. Always play safe and don't get into any kind of trouble.

Skin and Hair

We all know the after-effects of the colours chemicals and sun is not so good for our skin and hair.

So, follow these tips to protect yourself from the effect of harsh chemicals.

1. Apply sunscreen to the exposed parts of the body. as you will be out for a long time while playing, so you need to protect your skin from the sun.

2. Put a double layer of a body oil all over your body (Preferably coconut oil). This will not only protect your skin but will not allow the colour to stay. Doing so you can easily get rid of the colour from the body. Don't be harsh on your skin while removing the layers of colours. This will reduce the risk of skin allergy as well.

3. Apply a double coating of the darkest colour of nail polish on your nails. As it's very hard to get rid of the colour on nails. This will help you protect them and you can just later remove it with the nail remover and have shining clean nails for that after meetups.

4. Apply the thickest layer of lip balm on your lips. Make sure you carry it with you.

5. Apply oil to your hairs otherwise, the colour will make your scalp and hairs dry. This will protect your hairs from the colours and harsh chemicals. Plus, it will be easy to get rid of the colours.

6. Wear layers of clothes to avoid colour and tan. Mostly try to cover the maximum part of the body to avoid the tan.

7. Don't wear any Jewellery while playing.

Styling Tips

1. You can wear a white kurta with Patiala, Salwar, Chudidar or straight pants. Add a multicolour dupatta to go. Braid your hairs in any style you want French or side braid. And yes you are good to go !!

2. Well, you can get inspired by Deepika Padukone 'Balam Pichkari' song and put on a simple shirt with shorts. Even you style this look with kurtas. A simple and lively look.

3. If you want to be carefree then put on jeans and a white tee. You can even pair this up with a cute flared short white kurta.

4. Have a small sling bag with you to punk your style and carry your essentials.

5. Shades to enhance your chic look. This will protect your eyes too.

6. Add a touch of colour to your outfit with dupatta or stoles.

All About The Aftermath

After playing colour we do spend hours to remove the colour. Follow these tips to get rid of colour easily and save your skin

1. At first, try to remove the colour on your head and body with water.

2. Use a gentle soap or body washes with some moisture-locking technique which will not leave your skin dry after a bath.

3. Don't be harsh. Try not to rub too much.

4. Shampoo your head at least twice to get rid of all colour in your hair.

5. Moisturize your skin with oil after you are done.

6. Wash your eyes properly with water and use eyedrops later.

7. You can make a face pack of Besan and curd or cream, Aloe Vera gel, turmeric powder.

8. Stay hydrated. Drink water before and after and during the festival. It will help you get rid of extra toxins.

At last Respect, all forms of life and don't put colour on street animals and pets. It is extremely harmful to them and amounts to cruelty.

We wish you a happy Holi.

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