15 Weird Random Facts About Me

You all know that embracing all that you have, celebrating and cherishing the moments is what life is all about. Good or bad, it's all a package deal.

So, here today I will share some weird random facts about me just to show that nobody is perfect. Plus, I thought it might be fun as well. Besides, I am asking you guys as well to do the same! What makes you weird, quirky or awkward? All the strange obsessions that you have, I am saying everything you feel is bizarre. In a way, they all make us altogether very unique.

So, let's start. Here are 15 weird and random things You Don't Know About Me

1. I don't function without my green tea with half a lemon in it. I need it first thing in the morning

2. I have studied Electronics and communication engineering (EC). I have also studied Java and J2EE separately. Besides Blogging as my passion, I work as a software developer.

3. I am religious. No one says bad about God in front of me or like "GOD doesn't exist", "I have never seen him so I don't believe in GOD", freaks me out a little bit.

4. I love being fit. Fitness is really important to me. Mostly I do Yoga, Meditations and stretches. But it's not all happy land every day. So, yes, I do skip. But I try to make sure that I do exercise at least 3-4 times a week.

5. I have Monica Geller Cleaning obsession. You may call me crazy.

6. I am a very reserved person, probably to break the ice you have to talk first and then I take my time. A lot of you think I am rude but I am not. It's just I don't talk much with every person I meet. I just gel with very few.

7. I laugh and smile a lot. Sometimes saves me from awkward situations.

8. I am very specific when I travel because of the motion sickness. I don't prefer a bus especially. I even have preferences for the seats in all kinds of vehicles I travel. It's just all about comfort.

9. I am like Sheldon Cooper when it comes to watching a series. I select it very precisely and watch it till the end even though the quality degrades.

10. I like plants. I wish I could plant as many as possible. I even hate when they cut down trees for any sort of construction like metro (It happened in Bengaluru in front of my eyes and it was not a good feeling.)

11. I am all about natural and organic beauty products. I am on my way to switch 100% to natural products. I hope the day will come soon.

12. I am an average cook. But I cut the vegetables very beautiful. I don't know but it's a talent, guys. Hard to find.

13. I always wear socks when I am at home. People think that I feel cold which is not true. I just don't like dirty feet. Even the thought of it makes me feel weird.

14. When I eat good food or an orange, I become silent. I just don't even utter a single word. Close friends of mine know this and have experienced this as well. I am a foodie and good food shuts my mouth. I even exercise so that I can eat whatever I want.

15. I get angry and upset very frequently. But mostly the reason is that I'm hungry. So just feed me and you are good to go.

That’s it, guys. If you made it this far, you rock. Thank you for reading. I appreciate it more than you know!

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